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Who We Are

SEATORQUE CONTROL SYSTEMS, LLC (SCS) is a Stuart, Florida based manufacturer of propulsive and fluid dynamic systems for the marine industry. SCS’s main product line consists of the much acclaimed, Seatorque Enclosed Shaft System, Seatorque Power Steering systems and a variety of unique, special application hydraulic cylinders and actuators.
SCS’s principals have been pioneers in the marine industry for nearly 25 years. Our expertise ranges from inventing patented fluid dynamics technologies to participating in the America’s Cup Races. Having also manufactured a wide range of custom powerboats, including Yachts, Express Cruisers, Sport Fishing Boats and Race Boats. SCS has substantial history and experience within all areas of marine manufacturing, and has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and cutting edge performance, with products designed from a boat manufacturers perspective.

What We Do

Seatorque has been an innovative force in the marine manufacturing industry for more than a decade. The award winning, SCS fully enclosed fixed shaft drive system, represents a pinnacle in engineering vision and points the way to the future.
SCS is positioned within the marine industry as a “platform” supplier to the OEM manufacturer. This allows the builder to increase its manufacturing base without additional investment in personnel, facilities or equipment. Seatorque custom designs its propulsion and steering packages to fit within the parameters of the production line with minimal changes to the existing design of the vessel involved.
As a platform supplier, SCS delivers complete modules ready for installation, designed by boat builders for boat builders. This helps ensure that technical problems normally encountered by boat manufacturers can be eliminated at source rather than contained.
The elimination of noise, vibration, enhanced fuel economy, ease of installation and reduced maintenance all form the corner stones of Seatorque’s philosophy upon which the SCS product range is founded. Sold and serviced worldwide, Seatorque products provide the ultimate in safety, reliability and efficiency, as well as peace of mind for the manufacturer and end user.
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