Alexei Mikhaillov, President
Bering Yachts – North Carolina, USA

“Comfort and enjoyment at sea is greatly enhanced by a quiet “vibration-free” environment, which also reduces levels of fatigue and boosts alertness. To achieve this, Bering utilizes the latest acoustic technologies and components to include Seatorque roller bearing shaft systems.”

“Our yachts are incredibly quiet,” explains Mikhaillov. “As a large majority of our customers are recreational users, the length of journey at sea can be considerably long. Therefore, the added feature of vibration-free, quiet cruising is a key sales angle for our buyers.”

Manoel Chaves, President
MCP Yachts – Brazil

“The vessel’s light weight, propeller design and shaft system all add together to make a huge difference,” said Chavez. “In all my years on the water, I have never witnessed a vessel this size with a comparable power package to cruise at this speed. Thanks to Seatorque’s enclosed shaft system, the vessel achieved maximum horsepower, experienced zero shaft noise and vibration, and produced very little wake.”

George Von Widmann, Inventor of the IEHS Under Water Exhaust System and yacht designer for over 30 years
Von Widmann Designs, LLC

“I have to give Seatorque Control Systems a plug, great system. One of the big problems as to noise on a boat is the shaft noise and also vibration. This system is one of the quietest and vibration free systems I have ever experienced… on any boat.”

Jim Floyd, Owner
F&S Boat Works – Delaware, USA

“We’ll probably never build another boat without it (Seatorque)”.
New Installation: 72’ F&S Boatworks “Bandolera”:

Alan Cartwright, Marine Engineer
Port of London Authority (PLA) – London, UK

The initial sea trials of LAMBETH , the PLA’s (Port of London Authority) new launch built at Alnmaritec and now forming the first of class of their “Wave Guardian” class of patrol boats , have been very successful. We’re currently testing and tuning all the navigation and operational equipment.

With the propellers designed by Newcastle University and H4 Marine supplied Seatorque’s oil-lubricated stern shafts, we are achieving the 2,600 rpm maximum revolutions of the engines …..The Twin-Disc electronic engine/gearbox controls make the vessel very manoeuvrable with safety, in confined waterways, and the Seatorque stern-gear is a great success in reducing noise, vibration and transmission losses. At Professor Mehmet Atlar’s modelling and tank testing of the optimised hull form, he (conservatively) predicted 18.5 knots with 2 x 200 SHP @ 2,600 engine rpm, for a 10.6 tonne completed vessel.

With the propeller optimised and with the slippery Intersleek 900 silicone-based anti-fouling, we are achieving a mean speed of 21.0 knots in the vessel in its finished state (11.0 tonnes)… I am convinced that the successful power delivery is also a result of the reduced transmission losses from the oil-lubricated stern gear.

So we’re delighted with the performance and will be showing the vessel off, at Seawork, to provide a platform for all equipment contributors.

Thanks for your contribution to this project. We have a great boat, in which everyone can be pleased!

Espen Aalrud, Owner
Marex Boats – Norway

“Marex started with the Seatorque system on our new project Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser. In an aft cabin boat, the engine has to be centre placed with the risk of sound and vibration disturbance.We needed a silent system. We were very surprised how little vibration and sound the Seatorque system produced.It was simply exactly what we wanted.The higher efficiency in speed was a very big bonus and has become another key selling point for the Marex 370.The system helped us to win the “European powerboat of the year 2009”

Peter Dean, Managing Director
Dean Catamarans – Cape Town, South Africa

“Hi Jana and Peter,
A quick couple of lines for your file…

  • Seatorque is a highly professional company and obviously very proud of their product – justifiably
  • All inquiries, particularly technical ones, are dealt with quickly, accurately, and with knowledge
  • The product is accurate in dimensions, exceptionally well manufactured, and easy to install
  • The operational difference between a conventional cutlass bearing shaft and the Seatorque unit in terms of vibration and noise is so vastly superior that comparison is not possible
  • With a Seatorque shaft system the improvement in performance is actually noticeable
  • Dean Catamarans have now fitted the Seatorque shaft system to both our 44 foot sailing cat and our Jag 55 foot Powercat, both previously fitted with conventional water lubricated shaft systems. As yacht builders of around 300 boats over 25 years we can state categorically that no other shaft system can compare to the Seatorque unit”
Vic Nelson…Owner of a custom Sportfishing boat “GOOD TO GO”.
Vic and wife, Beth personally captain their boat between New England and Florida twice a year, and are avid fisherman. Long days at sea, either en route or chasing down Sailfish have made them believers in Seatorque Control Systems and Shafts.

“Reliable, safe, quiet, not to mention fuel efficient, are four things that describes our boat. We put more hours on our boat then most people I know, and whether on a long voyage, or cruising out to do some night fishing, there can be many perils at sea. But just knowing how strong and reliable the Seatorque shaft system is, gives me total peace of mind…”

“My shafts are protected from situations that might ordinarily snap or bend a normal shaft, or even damage the transmissions. The Seatorque enclosed system is just superior in strength, also I have never had to deal with any shaft/engine alignment issues on my boat, and that makes Seatorque two more things…smooth and solid.”

“Because of its design, the enclosed systems requires less torque to perform, that gives me a propeller that’s turning efficiently, using less effort from my engines and that equals greater fuel economy, giving me greater range….the way I use my boat, I couldn’t ask for anything better.”